Why Sharetribe?

We've been Sharetribe experts for almost 2 years and can spin up marketplaces fast and easily.

Why should I develop on Sharetribe?

Create the first version of your marketplace completely no-code. Build a custom marketplace at a fraction of the time required to build from scratch. Sharetribe’s no-code marketplace builder has all the essential marketplace features your business needs from day one: profiles, listings, payments, monetization, admin tools, infra, and security – the complete marketplace engine.

What are Horizon Labs' billing terms?

We bill at the end of each 2-week sprint (approximately twice a month, on the first and fifteenth). If for any reason you aren't happy with the previous sprint, we encourage you to not pay the invoice until we've resolved your concerns. The amount you see in the signed contract is the amount you pay.

Do you outsource projects to a 3rd party, or are your engineers in Turkey considered "in-house"?

Our engineers in Turkey are our employees and managed by our co-founder in Ankara. If your requirements cannot be fulfilled in-house, we'll let you know before searching for talent. We encourage these contractors to prove themselves and join your team as a full-time employee after the engagement ends.

Who owns the working code & product environments?

We push working code to your repositories at the end of each iteration with sufficient in-code documentation. Your code is bundled with a simple CI/CD pipeline to Dev, Staging, and Prod environments owned by you but managed by us. We'll maintain a master doc (Readme) and vault containing your directory of assets, environments, repos.

What measures do you take to protect intellectual property (IP)?

Protecting your IP is our top priority. We implement strict confidentiality agreements and security protocols to safeguard all project-related information. Our contracts clearly outline IP rights, ensuring that the intellectual property developed during the project remains yours.

How do you handle communication across different time zones?

Effective communication is key to the success of any project. Our on-shore team is available 9am - 9pm Pacific Standard Time, while our engineers in Turkey overlap between 3am - 12pm Pacific. We prefer asynchronous communication using tools like Slack, Google Spaces, or Discord to maintain clear and continuous communication between our developers and your team.

Can your contract developers integrate with our in-house team?

Absolutely. Our contract developers are experienced in integrating with in-house teams, participating in standups, and adapting to your company culture. We believe in transparency and collaboration as the foundation for a successful partnership.

What is your approach to project management and reporting?

We follow agile project management practices, allowing for flexibility and iterative development. Regular updates, sprint reviews, and access to a dedicated project manager ensure that you are always informed about the progress of your project.

How do you handle changes in project scope or requirements?

We understand that project requirements can evolve. Our agile methodology allows us to accommodate changes efficiently. We work closely with you to assess the impact on timelines and costs, ensuring that we align on any adjustments needed.

What happens if we decide to hire a contract developer full-time?

We offer a transparent process for clients interested in transitioning contract developers to full-time positions. Terms and conditions for such arrangements can be outlined in our initial agreement, ensuring a smooth transition for both parties. We encourage our contracted developers, especially offshore, to consider joining companies they enjoy working for.

Do you offer services in exchange for equity?

Not immediately unless you are referred from our network or Bookface. We require that our teams work together on a paid project together before we consider services in exchange for equity. Many of our clients utilize Sinan, Kurt, and Saif's experience when necessary

Let's Build Something Great Together!

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