The Horizon Labs Team

We're startup founders who love building products with our wives! Find us on Bookface or contact any one of us to talk about how we can build your tech.

sinan sari ycombinator cuboh software engineer

Sinan is a software engineer with significant entrepreneurship, product management, and distributed systems experience. He was co-founder & CTO of Cuboh (YC S19), a senior software engineer at Tasso & Oscar Health, and is currently a co-founder at Kidsy. He's built various products & teams for marketplaces, e-commerce, health-tech, and fintech startups. Sinan is skilled at defining MVPs and guiding technical founders on what to focus on. He lives in Irvine, CA with his wife and daughter.

Fun fact: Sinan's wife is also a software development engineer (ex-AWS) and founding engineer at Cuboh & Kidsy. They often work on Horizon Labs projects together.

cagatay kurt software engineer snap microsoft commons

Kurt is a seasoned technology leader with an extensive background in software development, engineering leadership, hiring, and developer mentoring. He spent 8 years at Microsoft as an SDE and 4 years at Snapchat as an SEM before co-founding Commons (acquired by Pulse the Mozilla Networks) as CTO. Kurt leads our artificial intelligence projects, oversees client product lifecycles, and serves as a fractional CTO when needed. He lives in Santa Monica, CA with his wife and two kids.

Fun fact: Kurt's wife is also a software development engineer (ex-Microsoft), was a co-founder at Commons, and works with Kurt on projects regularly.  

kendall eagle horizon labs
Kendall Eagle
Project Management Lead

Kendall is a senior software development engineer with over a decade of full-stack experience building products for tech startups and small-businesses with Sinan and Kurt. They have been close friends since high school. Based in Turkey, Kendall is our Swiss-army knife and plays multiple roles, including overseeing our team in Turkey and managing client deliverables across time-zones. He is also one of our strongest coders and loves going heads-down on client projects! Kendall lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and two kids.

Fun fact: Kendall's wife plays an integral role for our devshop - She keeps him sane for us and our customers!

saif akhtar planet n orionckb constellationck pinfluence startup studio

Saif is a mechanical engineer with over 12 years of being the "figure it out" generalist at various startups. He was part of the founding teams at OrionCKB (acquired by EliteSEM), Delta Leaf Labs, and Cresance, co-founded startups Pinfluence,,, and led product for Smashon. Passionate about building communities to support early-stage founders, Saif has co-founded an incubation center, two accelerator programs, and was COO for an early-stage VC fund in Asia overseeing 42 pre-seed and seed investments. He leads prototyping, partnerships, and go-to-market experiments for our clients and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife.  

Fun fact: Saif's wife is a photographer, video content creator, and graphic designer who sometimes provides content & design services to our clients.  

Let's Build Something Great Together!

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